Thursday, April 30, 2009

Terminator Salvation Sketch Cards

I recently worked on the Terminator Salvation card set that has recently been released by Topps in support of the new movie starring Christian 'let's blow a gasket' Bale. I did a total of 106 sketch cards for the set, but have been told that 10 of them will not be used because some of my puzzle cards may or may not be used for some form of customer service type thing. It was kind of vague, but I'm learning that these kind of things happen.

This set was a bit of a challenge as we couldn't portray any of the actors, only cyborgs or other machines. And we couldn't use the Arnold T-800 either. The reference provided by Topps was limited, as well, so we had to be somewhat creative in doing our cards. I experimented some by using thicker lines and forgoing some detail by blocking in shapes with the darks. You can't go wrong with dirty, metallic skulls.

So, here are some of the cards that I did for this set.


Sandra said...

Hey Brucie!! Thanks so much for your recent visit! Your sketches are AMAZING!! I know...I apologize...I haven't had any time to enjoy snapping shots! My son's 3rd grade homework/projects/TAKS tests have all kind of taken over this year. This year has been tough but GREAT for him! All of my concentration has been on him this year and I am so grateful for and proud of the accomplishments he has made this year. I hope you are well! Hopefully, I can share some photos soon!

You are so way Cool! Best wishes always!


sleepydog said...


These sketches are all kinds of cool, but I gotta ask...Where's the fish poop, man?
I gots to have me some fish poop.



Bruce said...

Sandra: Hey, I can just imagine the handful a three year old must be, but it's good to hear from ya nonetheless! I'll be looking forward to those pics!

Quig: hehe, it's all about the fish poop, man. The last set, top row, the brown one= fish poop. I guess some would argue that most of these are fish poop, but hey....