Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moonstone Comics Sketch Card Returns, etc.

For doing the Zombie vs Cheerleader sketch card set for 5Finity I was supplied with 8 blank cards to do with as I choose. At some point, I will just draw on them all and then try to sell them at shows and whatnot. However, if anyone would like to commission me to draw a scene of their choosing, just contact me and we can work it all out. Below is an example of just that. A collector wanted a three card scene of something French related, since he is, in fact, French, but wanted me to have fun with it. So, being that the French sculptor Rodin is my favorite sculptor, I suggested this lovely scene.

Below are my four returns for the Moonstone Comics set by 5Finity. The two middle cards (Valkrie and Calamity Jane) have been sold, but the Heap and Phantom cards are still available.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Iron Man 2 Sketch Cards

These are some of the 50 sketch cards that I did for the Iron Man 2 set by Upper Deck. If the set isn't out already, it should be soon. Although, this set (any Iron Man variation or ally or villain could be used) was not necessarily about the upcoming Iron Man sequel, I chose to focus mainly on the armor used in the movies.