Monday, March 24, 2008

Travel Postcards

Last month I helped out a Chicago based artist by the name of Sue Hawks finish up a commission that she was hired to do. The client wanted a series of sketches done with him and his girlfriend in snapshot travel type postcards with weird things going on in the background. He had some twisted ideas and I definitely had fun doing them, as one doesn't get the opportunity to draw the burning Tibet monk all that often. I think I did half of the postcards and these are all of the ones that I did. Sue actually finished them up rather nicely by doing the faces herself as she knows them and did a much better job than I could. So, many thanks to Sue Hawks. It was a fun job.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Oceanic Six ...soon to be nine

These are the 6 cards that I will have returned (hopefully) to me as part of my payment for doing the Sketch cards for Topps. There will be 3 more, but I have to wait for approval to show them. As far as the returned cards go,I can do as I wish with them, put them up on ebay, fling them into a hat, etc. The first six were for the first 650 cards that I did and the last three were for doing an extra 50 cards at the end there. I have the last three in my possession as they arrived blank and I did them at my leisure, but I'm still waiting for the original six to come home and my worries, as with some of the other artists, is that they may have been accidently put into cases and shipped out with the rest of the lot. That's why I say hopefully.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hogsnot Logo Sketches

Below are the prelim sketches that I did for the Hogsnot logo from my last post. I think that I pretty much nailed it with the very first sketch that I did and so did the client happily. Of course, there were some changes, but the hog remained as I first saw him. That's a good piggie.

Back in February, the Lord Of The Rings sketch cards that I did hit the shelves and soon after the buyers began putting them up on ebay. So, I've been enjoying tracking my cards and seeing just how many bids and how much they are going for, but what I have really been getting a kick out of is reading what the sellers have to say about my artwork. This was my favorite from a seller in Australia:

"You are bidding on a one of a kind [1/1] original Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces II sketch card created by famous artist Bruce Gerlach. This card features an amazing image of Gandalf, one of the main characters from the movies. Card is in MINT condition and has been stored in a protective soft card sleeve, inside a rigid hard plastic toploader."

I love Australia.

My wife's personal favorite is of one seller describing one of my cards as a "super sweet sketch." She now calls me Super Sweet. So, thanks to that guy.