Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Koi Roundup Wrapup

On November 7th, The Friends Of Belle Isle Aquarium held the transferring of the koi from the outside pond on Belle Isle to the basement tanks of the aquarium. So, a bunch of us helped scoop, net, wrangle and then bucket the various sized fish and send them off to their winter home. Of course, we thought that we had most of them, but about 30 or so did their best to escape the nets and will be spending their winter under ice. It's amazing how easily these bad boys could hide under a thick layer of fish poop and escape detection.

Here's a cartoon capturing the beauty of the event with Vance, the president of FOBIA and his two boys, Cameron and Spencer.
This is me in one of the inside tanks trying to get a not too healthy fish outta there.

Vance, with his stylish (not too matching) boots trying to get the last of the trouble makers.

This was one of the trouble makers who will be spending the winter outside.

One of the inside koi.

If you'd like to see more pics from the day (including a dog rescue), check out the aquarium website for that and other cool stuff.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Winter Migration

The Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium will be helping our little koi friends move from the outside pond between the conservatory and the aquarium to their winter habitation in the basement of said aquarium. So, if you'd like to help these critters with their winter migration to warmer climes, come on down to Belle Isle tomorrow at 10:00am and lend a fin or two. There's always plenty of fish poop, it's fun!