Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Venus Of Urbana

I did this as a sketch a couple of years ago and thought that it would make an interesting if slightly humorous take on the current "unhealthy/obese/sexy curves debate," using Titian's Venus Of Urbino (1538) as a starting point. It's somewhat appropriate here because I think that Michigan is now the chunky capital of the U.S. Or maybe it just has a whole loaf load of sexy curves.

I can't complain too much, as I'm damn sexy sometimes myself.

I'll go now. Enjoy.

Venus Of Urbana
colored pencil
(one day I will do this as a painting)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bruce Gerlach Sketch Cards on ebay

For those of you into collecting sketch cards, my Lord Of The Rings Masterpiece II return cards are now up on ebay for your bidding pleasure. Go ahead and make me happy, I dare you.

Here are the links:

Berserker Orc

Gollum SOLD

Urak-Hai SOLD

Dead King

Gandalf SOLD


Eliphont SOLD

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jack Kirby line study

This is a line study that I did a couple months back for an assignment in my figure class. We had to do a copy of a pen and ink drawing (comics seemed to be the popular choice) by someone well know in the arts. I chose this image from the cover of The Eternals #9 by Jack Kirby. This particular issue was one of my faves as a kid. It had this cool blocky monster with jagged teeth and plenty of mayhem and action. Everything a growing boy needs. And it has those remarkable flat and large fingers that I always found to be appealing. Maybe that's why I like Rodin's sculptures so much. But anyways, the purpose of this exercise was to understand  the artist's use of line weight. Thick and thin lines. The lettering is weak, but I enjoyed the rest very much so. I did the whole thing with a brush to...ahem...brushen up on my skills in that department.
Jack Kirby Line Study
india ink

Here is the original cover to The Eternals #9 by Jack Kirby
And here is an update of my returned cards from Topps. I didn't select the first two, so I'm guessing that the ones that I wanted back went out into circulation. Oh well, this happens from what I hear. I've also included two of the three that I received for doing some extra cards. They will all be for sale (eventually on ebay, I guess), except for the Gandalf at the Gates of Moiria. I'm keeping that one.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Figure Drawings

Here are a few charcoal drawings that were done last month in my figure drawing class. I really enjoyed doing this erase out technique as it was similar to sculpting in some ways by taking away and forming the shapes instead of adding line. Plus, in creating the image in this way gives off a smoky or hazy atmosphere. 

I'll definitely have to explore this technique some more.