Friday, August 16, 2019


colored pencil and ink on board

Come on down, over, above, below to Cobo Hall in Detroit this weekend for the Michigan Comic-Con. Matthew Lewis will be there. He might have some gillyweed. Maybe. 

I had a hard time getting this to scan to show the colors properly. The background is more of a dark purple and all the adjusting in photoshop didn't do the trick. So, you'll have to see it in person. It's purplely. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Michigan Comic Con 2019

Starting tomorrow and going through the weekend you can find me at table #B11 in Artists Alley at the Michigan Comic-Con. Not only can you see a whole lot of excellent artists and writers from this area and beyond, but also those lightweights, such as Val Kilmer, Michael Dorn, and Matthew Lewis., etc. 

I will have copies of my latest collection of cartoons, called The Feral cartoonist. Riproaringly hilarious stuff.

Also, I will have copies of my comic book Second Star. I am currently working on issue #2 and might be doing so this weekend.  

All this and the usual load of prints, sketch cards, books, and some original art. So, stop on by Cobo Hall in Detroit. I'm hoping for a good time!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Pipedreams #10

(click on image to make bigly)

Here is the 10th installment of the Pipedreams strip that I did with Darin Palmer way back when. Darin did the inks and colors, I penciled them and we both wrote them. It was a fun strip to do.

As you can see, Chili, Chester, and Melvin all have their own viewpoints on how the day starts. If I hadn't stated this before, all of the characters, even the ducks, are based on actual factory rats (and ducks) that worked in that most magical of places. 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday Ink: Lt. Worf

I haven't done one of these Friday Ink exercises in awhile, so here is a Lt. Worf for ya. I am currently into Season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which I have never seen a full episode. So, I'm fixing that. And Michael Dorn, who played Lt. Worf will be at next weekend's Michigan Comic-Con and I will have this on hand for purchase if so desired.  

Monday, August 5, 2019

Homer Davenport Cartoon Festival

This was my entry in this past weekend's Homer Davenport Cartoon Festival in Silverton, OR, part of the overall Homer Davenport Days celebration. The events purpose other than honoring the great cartoonist Davenport, but to continue the tradition of the editorial cartoon as a means of important expression in the country. An art form that is being trodden upon even as we speak. Those committing atrocities do not want to be questioned, of course.

As my cartoon above represents, none of those children speak the language of Pence and the cruelty that he and his kind justifies, both literally and figuratively. 

One can view all the entries here And you can learn more about Homer Davenport here