Monday, March 20, 2023

DC Bombshells Series III Artist Proof Sketch Cards


So, in continuing with getting these blank Artist Proof cards from previous sets done that have been sitting around for what seems to be forever, the next in line are these two from Cryptozoic's DC Bombshells set from 2019. I did a bunch of cards for the set, but was unfamiliar with the line/brand and assumed that they wanted pin-up style versions of their characters, not knowing that there was a 40's style line-up of the characters. They were nice enough about it and tried to get them pushed through anyways, but DC wasn't going for it. They still let me keep my AP's, though and here they are. Listings are below:

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Arowana Sketch


Whoa, I've made two #SundayFishSketch themes in a row! The theme this week is in connection with 'springing' our clocks forward and so we needed to find a fish that does such a thing, something to do with that and time flies and all that. So, I was going to go with a flying fish, but then thought that an arowana will spring out of the water to snag its prey. They are quick too, as I can attest. I had one draw blood from one of my knuckles as it thought to teach me a lesson.

Plus, wouldn't this fish look great as a muppet with that mouth? Someone should do something about that.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

A Cable Goby Sketch


ink in sketchbook

This week's #SundayFishSketch theme are women who talk about fish. Louella Cable was the first woman scientist ever hired by the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries, which was the predecessor of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. In the late 60's she invented a prototype for a digital fish-measuring calipers.

The above fish is called the Cable's Goby, named after the fish that she did study. Since I couldn't find any reference for the digital prototype, I went off the rails and did a steampunk fish-measuring device. It's steam powered, in case you were wondering.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Uncle Fester And The Great Lakes comic Con


ink on bristol

I will be set up in Artists Alley at the Great Lakes Comic Con tonight from 5-9 and tomorrow 10-6. I will have all the usual goodies, such as books, AP sketch cards, prints and original art, including the Uncle Fester shown above. Check out all the details here. There will be a good showing of Michigan's finest artists and all of the big veterans, as well. Stop on by.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Whale Shark Sketch


ink and Dr. Ph. Martin's white ink
in sketchbook

Yikes, it's been over a month since I have shown anything new. I have been busy and will have more on that soon, including a new newsletter thing. Stay tuned.

This week's #SundayFishSketch theme is what fish we first think of when we hear the word 'fish.' This could change by the minute, but as of right now, it's a whale shark. 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Oranda Goldfish Sketch


ink, colored ink and marker from sketchbook

This week's #SundayFishSketch theme are fish that are white as snow. So, being the rebel that I am *cough, cough,* I picked a fish that had some red and orange, as well. An oranda goldfish.