Monday, March 24, 2008

Travel Postcards

Last month I helped out a Chicago based artist by the name of Sue Hawks finish up a commission that she was hired to do. The client wanted a series of sketches done with him and his girlfriend in snapshot travel type postcards with weird things going on in the background. He had some twisted ideas and I definitely had fun doing them, as one doesn't get the opportunity to draw the burning Tibet monk all that often. I think I did half of the postcards and these are all of the ones that I did. Sue actually finished them up rather nicely by doing the faces herself as she knows them and did a much better job than I could. So, many thanks to Sue Hawks. It was a fun job.


DAD said...

J'adore le dessin avec le moine qui brûle, et celui avec "le cri" de Munch.... L'anachronisme et le dérisoire me font rire.

I love the drawings with the monk who burns, and that with " the shouting " of Munch.... Anachronism and miserable make laugh me.

Merisi said...

Nice work!
Those two never seem to be able to be alone by themselves, someone or other's always in the picture.
I wonder if the postcards will be posted and to whom.

Bruce said...

Dad: I feel the same way, ha, ha! That's probably why I had no problem doing this job. There is something very funny about two tourists in front of the burning monk...and so very wrong!

Je sens la même manière, ha, ha ! C'est probablement pourquoi je n'ai eu aucun problème faire ce travail. Il y a quelque chose les environ deux touristes très drôles devant le moine brûlant... et tellement très mal !

Merisi: The man who is in the drawings was the guy who wanted these done and the woman is either his wife or girlfriend. I know that they were mounted and framed and given to the lady as a gift. But other than that, i don't know much!