Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Belle Isle Aquarium Koi Pond Cleanup

This past Saturday I ventured down to Belle Isle on the Detroit River to help out with the cleaning of the outdoor koi pond. It was nice to get out on a beautiful spring day and do a little community service. And I'm real glad that it was a nice day with a slight breeze, too, as there was a nice layer of fish crap to scoop into buckets to be hauled away. As the second cartoon shows, it wasn't so bad unless you got some on you. Of course, the kids that were there got some on them and, ahem, me too. 

So, here are a couple of aquarium inspired cartoons. The second one was suggested by Vance, the president of FOBIA and the mess that his son, Cameron found himself in. As I said, I shared a similar fate.

On May 2nd will be the transfer of the koi from the basement of the aquarium to the outdoor pond. That should be a fun day and I will have to come up with another cartoon for the event.


CaptainPurple said...

Perhaps "the running of the koi?"

Did you hear that one of the Zoo's Blue Heron's stopped by our yard and cleaned out most of our goldfish recently? I hope they gave it a tummy ache.

Bruce said...

Ha, ha, the zoo has a blue heron exhibit? You are aware that they fly freely around these parts, dontcha? You know, being a marsh bird and all that...

sleepydog said...

I feel like I missed a golden opportunity to make some kind of fish poop joke here. Like “Fish poop. It’s not just for breakfast anymore!” Seriously, it’s a comic maxim that poop is always funny, but fish poop is always hilarious.
Got fish poop?
Where’s the fish poop?
How I stopped worrying and learned to love fish poop.
Not without my fish poop!
Whatchoo talkin’ about, fish poop?
Fish poop. It is what it beez.
(Is that tuna salad?)

Bruce said...

Just the two words together is comic poop. It's the joke that keeps on giving and leave it to guys like us to keep things going!

I have another fish poop cartoon that will be going up either today or tomorrow, so more fish poop fun!