Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Super Nonny

So, I spent a lot of last year working on a 10 page comic book commission for David Himmel, who is a writer and the editor-in-chief for Chicago Health Magazine. Super Nonny is a story about his grandmother and great-grandmother to the four children in the story, David's nephews and niece. At first I was little hesitant to take the job, with this being a personal story with likenesses and all. But, after reading the script I was more than happy to do this one. David created not just a cute little story about his Nonny, but a witty and charming tale that can be enjoyed by anyone who reads it. I guess that is what being a good writer is all about. 

Over the next coming weeks I will show the story in it's entirety. Super Nonny, written by David (a gift for his family), pencils and inks by yours truly and my Stoopid Stuf co-hort Kevin Minor helped out with the interior colors. I did the cover colors seen above and knew it would take me forever just to make it look passable, so I needed someone with better skills than I. 

Click on the above image to engorge.

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