Monday, February 8, 2016

How We Built A Weathervane, Part Nine

On to the metal part of the show.

We had these steel weather directionals made up from a company in Texas to fashion the copper over the top of to get the form right.

The first of the copper work, as Nario of Venus Bronze Works cut out the shapes for the letters.

The gar molds have been filled with aluminum. You can see one of the funnels at the near end mold. The sand molds will now be hammered apart at this point.

The nose end and mid section of the gar after the top half of the mold was broken off.

One half of the tail fin in aluminum.

The blackened look is just the burnt sand from the mold coming into contact with the liquid aluminum. 

The two electric eel halves in aluminum.

One half of an eel with the sand brushed off. The funnel will be cut off next.

The tail end with funnel still attached.

Aluminum eel and gar cleaned up as much as needed for the cutting and grinding to begin.

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