Monday, February 15, 2016

How We Built A Weathervane, Part Ten

It's Monday, so that means another round of weathervane goodness. The last time I showed the first of the metal work, so on with more of that.

Here, the fins are all cast and pretty much cleaned up. 

More work on the directionals that will be attached to each eel. 

The first half of an eel getting cleaned up after the funnel and flashing have been removed.

The second half of the eel just after the funnel has been cut off. 

The three sections of one of the gar halves. This has been almost cleaned up and now needs to be welded together and any holes (one can be seen in the tail fin) need filling.

Gar face.

Nario of Venus Bronze Works begins welding the section of the gar together.

Mario attaching the head of the gar at this point.

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