Thursday, February 14, 2013


 Reggie (1997-2013)

Reggie, Regman, Regolicious, Regomatic For The People, Refrigerator Raider, Poogee... he had a hundred names and seemed to enjoy having so many monikers. Well, at least I like to think that he did.

Of all the dogs that I have ever had in the household or met period, Reggie was by far the best. We never had to train him in any, way, shape or form. He was complete when we rescued him at 6 months old. From that first day that I let him loose in the yard and he treated every single flower bed as his own personal slip n slide, and then ate all the evidence, he knew he was home. He lived a complete life of happiness and even though we tend to spoil our dogs, he brought his own contentment to the household. Reggie was never a predator in that he never attacked or went after squirrels, birds or rabbits. He liked crickets and would watch them hop around, but for some reason did not like beetles and would smash them flat with his nose whenever he saw one. He did eat a big ole carpenter ant once and the ant bit him on the tongue and its head stayed there until I had to remove it. He would lay in the driveway on a summer's eve with birds hopping all around him and he would just watch them.

Reggie had these big, brown, thoughtful eyes and always seemed to be in a pensive mood. And he was completely in tune with us and sensitive to everything. Not long after my grandpa died I came home from work after having a bad day. Things just caught up to me and I collapsed on the couch and just sat there sad as all hell. Reg walked in front of me, took a look, then hopped up on the couch right next to me. He sighed and then leaned on my shoulder. He just knew.

I have a thousand and one stories about him and have bored many with them. His personality was better than most people I've met. He was a character through and through and he took care of us as much as we took care of him.

Old age finally caught up with our little tank and he left us yesterday. I guess he went as peacefully as we could make for him, but it still sucks. He was awesome.

I think Mark Twain said that he wasn't much interested in a heaven that didn't include dogs. I couldn't agree more.

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