Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Edgar Rice Burroughs


Next up in my inspirational watercolors is none other than Edgar Rice Burroughs. I have a few writers on my list and he nears the top of it. His creations range from the jungles of Afica (Tarzan) to the far reaches of Mars (John Carter)  and it was once said that if you read a Burroughs tale that took place in a humid jungle, then you would be soaking wet after reading it. He was very descriptive in his environments. And though many were critics of his style, I found myself immersed in his worlds because of this, as if I were really there.  Or at least he was. That was his magic.

His Warlord of Mars series began in the early 1900's and I can never help but think of what people originally thought of these tales. What an imagination!

I'm currently finishing up the last book in his Caspak series with Out of Time's Abyss and wonder why this one wasn't made into a movie as with the first two (The Land That Time Forgot and the People That Time Forgot). Maybe it was, but went straight to the sci-fi channel (I refuse to spell it the way it is now...).

With this watercolor I experimented with the limited palette once again, but this time tried using three colors that the Iowan painter Marvin D. Cone used in some of his door paintings. White, black and yellow. The next few may be with this same color scheme as I try to get it to where I want it.


thecheckeredman said...

This looks wonderful Bruce! You are a man of many talents my friend!

Bruce said...

Thanks, Denver! I try, at least...