Monday, June 18, 2012

Woody Allen

I suppose that my offbeat, quirky, pointless and sometimes irritating sense of humor comes from the many many movies that I've watched in my lifetime. Some of that had to stick, right? Well, Woody Allen films probably have a pretty big impact on what I think is funny. From the first time I saw Take The Money And Run when I was a kid, I was hooked. Seeing him as a kid thief and getting his arm stuck in the gum ball machine and running down the street with it to later on when he was breaking out of prison using a gun carved from soap, so that when it rained it turned all sudsy on him, was hilarious stuff. Throughout the 70's (Sleeper, Annie Hall), the 80's (The Purple Rose Of Cairo, New York Stories), the 90's (Mighty Aphrodite), the 00's (Whatever Works) to his latest films (Midnight In Paris), I have always found something funny, cerebral and quirky to hold my interest and to get me thinking. I look forward to what future flicks this man has in store for us.

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