Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rita Hayworth

Today's water color portrait is none other than Rita Hayworth. As a kid, I would watch her movies and be in awe of her beauty. Here was a person traveling through time from her era to mine through my television set teaching me that certain things could, would and should be timeless. An important lesson for me. And also, that there really would be no one like her again. So, such things should not be dismissed just because they are from the past. Uniqueness can be timeless and only be a part of that time.

She had a troubled life, as such persons in her position would have and I don't really think that she ever broke free from some of the terrible things that happened to her. I would recommend the bio, If This Was Happiness by Barbara Leaming for all the details about that. Her one true love, Orson Welles got away, as well and they both admitted that this was their biggest mistake. Such tragedies for two such talented people who couldn't get out of their own ways.

My all time favorite Rita Hayworth movie is Gilda. She sizzled in this flick in that black evening gown dancing for her criminal husband in his South American night club. And in walks Glenn Ford as the hired protection and all hell breaks loose. Great cast and a great flick.

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