Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jeff Beck

Without a doubt, Jeff Beck is my favorite guitar player, even edging out the likes of Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, Brian May and Joe Satriani, all type five, for sure. From the Yardbirds to the present he keeps on playing and experimenting with sound. I find that most of his later works were and are some of his finest material, especially the album "Jeff" and most recently his work with Imelda May. His need and willingness to work with people that you wouldn't normally think of as Beck material is another testament to musicianship and his dedication to his craft. This guy has experimented with all types and genres of music, from the doo-wop sounds of The Tridents to jazz fusion and the blues to electronic musings. This guy still continues to rock. A true artist. When I'm working away on a painting or some other such illustration, a Jeff Beck CD can usually be heard in the background providing me inspiration.

You can check out his latest meanderings on his official website.

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