Friday, May 15, 2009

Motor City Comic Con

Yes, it's true. I will be a guest at this year's Motor City Comic Con for the first time evah. My buddy and I have been talking about doing this for years, even way back in the early 90's when they used to have it in Dearborn and when it was much smaller. So, now that I'm a middle-aged geek, I finally have taken the plunge and will embrace the insanity for the weekend.

This afternoon I fought the endless miles of construction and headed out there to set up my small corner in hopes that someone might purchase some goodies from me. I will have official sketch cards, prints. original artwork and a couple of self-published books of my cartoons, the latest being a collection of my late 80's cartoon strip Wade's World. 

Above, is the cover to the cartoon book and a black and white scan of a painting (I'll post the finished version next week) of Night Owl from the movie Watchmen. So, if you're going, make sure you stop on by my booth and say hello.


sleepydog said...

Sorry I can't be there man. Hope everything goes smoove and lots of people buy stuff from you.

Bruce said...

Yeah, that would have been cool. I think that you would have had a field day people watching. We did.