Thursday, May 21, 2009

Motor City Comic Con 2009

Last weekend was my first ever appearance as a guest artist at the Motor City comic Con. My buddie Matt has been urging me to do this for the past three cons, but I never felt quite ready. But, as I have learned, I will never be ready. For anything! So, this was my year to jump in and enjoy. Another of my friends, Darin, was my guest and helper for the weekend and we had been talking about doing the show for years, like, way back in the early nineties, or something. So, it was nice that we finally got to experience it.

This was one of the pieces that I had just finished prior to the show.
Night Owl
acrylic on illustration board
This was my view for most of the day on Saturday. Like the guy next to me said, "chicks dig R2."
Matt Busch and Tracy Surgener scaring off customers on an already slow Sunday.
This was my set-up. I had prints, original paintings, copies of my cartoon books and sketch cards.

This was a really good weekend and I had a lot of fun doing it. I was lucky to be set up right next to Matt Busch and Alex Beuchel, so there at least was someone to talk to. The traffic flow right in front of us wasn't all that great (we were in a big area), but we were in the celebrity area, which was kind of cool. Just three booths over was Gil "Buck Rogers" Gerard and we were right across from the playmates (sweet) and some scary wrestlers. 

Many thanks to the people and friends who stopped by to make a purchase or to just chat about art and comics and stuff. 


DAD said...

What I look at? Your drawings or the a bit fatty girl as I like them?

Que dois-je regarder? Votre dessin ou la fille un peu grasse comme je les aime?


Bruce said...

Fille grasse ? ! ! Bien, si vous devez, je devine it' ; s le " ; fat" ; fille.

Fatty girl?!! Well, if you must, I guess it's the "fat" girl.