Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marvel Masterpiece III Sketch Cards, Part 3

Here are some more cards from the Marvel Masterpiece III set that will be released in November. So, my first 45 cards were all rejected by Marvel, but out of the next 355 that I sent in only about 30 of those were dismissed for one reason or another. All in all, not bad, but I am disappointed that I can't show some of those first cards. Some of my favorites were in there. 
1. Ronan, The Accuser (already shown) 2. The Sandman (already shown) 28. Sasquatch
29. The Scarecrow 30. The Scarlet Witch 31. A Sentinel 
32. Shanna, the She-Devil 33. The Shroud 34. Sidewinder
35. The Silver Samurai 36. The Silver Surfer 37. A Skrull
38. Snowbird 39. Speed Demon 40. The Sphinx
41. Spider-Man 42. Stingray 43. The Super Skrull
44. The Supreme Intelligence 45. The Taskmaster 46. The Thing
47. Thor 48. Tigra 49. The Titanium Man
50. Ultron 51. Union Jack 52. Valkyrie 
53. Viper 54. The Vision 55. The Vulture
56. The Wasp 57. A Watcher 58. Whirlwind
59. The White Queen 60. The Wizard 61. Wolverine
62. Wonder Man 63. The Wrecker 64. Bulldozer
65. Gabriel, The Airwalker 66. Baron Blood 67. Baron Strucker


DAD said...

All my youth!!!!

dintoons said...

an awesome power-packed series!!

Bruce said...

Dad: It was a lot of fun reliving my youth doing these!

C'├ętait beaucoup d'amusement reliving ma jeunesse faisant ces derniers !

Dinesh: Thanks a bunch, there's more to come!