Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Detroit - Riverfront Series

Some time ago I had wanted to do a series of water color and ink pieces from various locations in and around the city of Detroit. Of course, being how lazy I can get at times, it's taken awhile to get started. But lo and behold, I did one. This is a view between two towers of the Renaissance Center from the Riverfront side. My goal is to have prints available from these series, so stay tuned.
Detroit - Riverfront Series I
mixed media


Anonymous said...

Love it! Lets see some more. I know there are things that sell and then there are the down and dirty things about Daytwaaa you'd like to do. Show the seedy side also. But then maybe that is what you are doing.

unkle C

Bruce said...

I'm taking the viewpoint of just what interests me, the modern, the old, the decay and the improvements. It would be far too easy to just focus on the seedy side. I'm looking for juxtapositions and compositions that catch my eye.