Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Marvel Masterpiece III Sketch Cards, Part 2

Here are the next batch of approved cards for the Upper Deck/Marvel set. As you can see I was experimenting with mediums here using colored pencil, pencil and ink. I was trying to see just what would work as far as Marvel was concerned. Just as in the Lord Of The Rings set I ended up doing the majority of them in ink. They looked the best.

1. Karnak 2. Loki 3. Machine Man
4. Madame Web 5. Magneto 6. Luke Cage, Power Man
7. Psycho Man 8. Puck 9. Recorder
10. Moon Knight 11. Mysterio 12. Mystique
13. Nightcrawler 14. Ghost Rider (the original) 15. Nomad
16. Red Skull 17. Ronan The Accuser 18. Sandman

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