Monday, August 18, 2008

CD Designs, Part 2

Here is the next batch of CD designs that I experimented with over the past few months. I have a buddy down in Columbus who is one hellava sax player and a teacher and if he had a website I'd link it. One day when he gets time in his busy schedule to record a CD I'll take a stab at doing the cover. So, I tried out a couple of images. Why the octopus? Why not. It's my favorite cephalopod mollusk if you need to know. Jeez.

And the other design is an early concept for The Good Leads (with sax-hater Chris Quigley I might add) with a title that they were considering.

Lots of stuff going on around here that I'm more than happy to pass along. I'm currently in the midst of my work on the Upper Deck/Marvel sketch cards, working on some unique greeting cards, as well as some commission work. Plus, I will be the new cartoonist for a Seattle health care newspaper, so I'm looking forward to that challenge. And today, I received an invite to be on a new sketch card set, but I've been down that road before, so we'll see. Busy, busy, busy.


dintoons said...

wow, some seriously beautiful drawings you have here bruce! mindblowing renderings of the octosax, and a supercool nude, lovely to see these in stark black n white, full of raw energy!! love the designs in part 1 too... simple poses taken to sublime levels... inspiring!! :o)
great to be back in your supercool space, bruce! thanx for simply "doing what you love", yes, it's all that matters, the rest takes care of itself...
take care my friend!

sleepydog said...

I really don't like saxophones!!!!

I did like the "Money In The Mattress" cover, esp the almost anime quality that it had, but I think the concept we're working on will blow people's minds when they see it.

Good stuff, Bruce. Keep it up!

Bruce said...

Dinesh: Hey, glad to have you back and commenting with all of your positive energy! I'm very pleased that you "get" what I was trying for in these designs. It's nice when someone does. All two of you. I'll be by your place soon!

Chris: Ha, ha, admit that you like the sax and I don't mean Greasy Conan Sax player guy, either.

I like this one too, but I think that I like the Dead To Me Now one a little more. When I can get to our next one it will definitely rawk!

Thanks guys!

Jay said...


They get a hot naked chick and I get a cephalopod mollusk?!!

And for the record, I don't care for saxophones all that much either, but it's a living.

Jay said...

Granted, it's a very cool cephalopod mollusk.

Bruce said...

Hehe, well, I'd be more than happy to draw a hot naked chick for you, but I was worried that I would offend your more sophisticated nature. I should have known better. :p