Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: The Year In Review

This past year was definitely a year of changes. And I do hate change (well, unless it's really, really, really good change). My comfort zones were pushed quite a few times I can honestly say. Change can and will be bad at times, so I will start with that.

As some of you know, this past year we lost one of our dogs, Rita, and her passing was hard on us as she was an awesome pooch that had qualities that most people don't possess. We miss her everyday. This past year some friends fell to the wayside. I won't go into details, but there are some things that I used to tolerate that I will no longer put up with. I'm just surprised and disappointed that it happened to who it did. Those were the bad hurdles that I had to contend with this year, but there is a lot of good too.

This year I finally put the factory that I worked at for the past year behind me. My wife and I worked hard to make this possible as it was affecting every part of my life and was making me a miserable s.o.b. My decision to try my hand at freelance illustration was the best one that I've made and I know it will be a long, uphill struggle for some time, but this is much better than the life I was leading. Starting this blog (which is a year old today!) and finally getting my website online were very helpful and much needed for this to happen and I've enjoyed the process.

My artwork has been in nine shows this year and I actually sold a painting, a few prints and some copies of my self-published collection of cartoons along the way. This fall also saw me landing a gig with Topps/New Line Cinema doing some Lord Of The Rings sketchcards, so I'm real excited to see where this leads and to see how they will be received. It's a good start.

I've made a few new friends this year (some were very unexpected and most welcomed) and I feel that some of the older friendships have become stronger. There's work to be done there too, but I'm on it. So, here's to a fantastic 2008! I hope to see all of you there.

Oh, btw, that's a Judge Dredd sketch that I did earlier this summer. I had to put some kind of art up!


DAD said...

Apiniouyeur Bruce !
Very good things for you !

Mike Dutton said...


I'm so excited to hear about the positive changes in your life, and as I'm sure you can guess, I'm especially proud of your decision to go freelance. Welcome to the adventure!!

Happy New Year, my friend.

DAD said...

Hoho! It is a judge this? You have of odd judges in the United States....
It administers the death penalty? Pfffff....

Bruce said...

Dad: Espoir vous avez eu de bonnes nouvelles années !

Mike: Thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated! I owe a lot to you for inspiration and advise, so I count you as one of the people who really helped me so far. Happy New Year to you too!

Dad:Bien, il est genre de juge... un juge comique de livre. En fait, il est une invention britannique et il n'administre pas la pénalité de mort (au moins, je pense pas), il est la mort de juge qui fait cela !