Saturday, September 8, 2007


Not long before I went to San Diego for the Comic Con I was told that Nickelodean would be actively searching for illustrators and that it would be a good idea to do some illustrations using some of their liscenced material. So, this is one of the ideas that I came up with. I didn't want to just do the characters lined up in a row, in which I did for the Catscratch characters, so I incorporated the deep sea diver in the cartoony world of SpongeBob. What would his reaction be?


But anyways, when we got there I learned that they weren't looking so earnestly and they directed me to their website, where I learned that they were looking for other positions to fill. I'll still send them some stuff, though.


Mike Dutton said...

hmm, that's too bad. I hate it when companies do that. Feels like you're just getting the runaround. At least you got a fun illustration out of it. Good luck with the submission Bruce.

Ana Banana Nuts & Honey said...

WTF?! LOL! very cute! Although I am not a SpongeBob fan! Is that the little yellow fellow? -- he looks like a real sweet and sensitive type! -- just like you, Bruce! ;o) I love the little blue fellow at the top...his expression is charming.

And I agree with Mike, at least you have another illustration out of it! Yes, those companies always giving the run around. It is frustrating!

keep on keeping on, Bruce! And thank you for visiting me and always for your supportive words. I will continue to visit you, too.

Merisi said...

Never seen SpongeBob that happy! At least he loves what you've done to him. :-)

dintoons said...

lol, the guy on the helmet is hilarious!! and neat posing of the characters... great idea n execution bruce!

and thanx so much for your feedback on my drawing, will try it out for sure, maybe play around a bit in photoshop...
take care :o)

Merisi said...

re your Star Wars drawings:
Did you know that high on Washington National Cathedral there sits a carved grotesque sculpture of Darth Vader? It was designed by a young student. Read more about at the WNC's website.

Bruce said...

Mike: yeah, it was a bit odd, especially since since one of the sources that I heard it from was directly on the San Diego Comic Con website. Plus, they had a bunch of kids running their booth and they really didn't know anything. Who could blame them, y'know?

It was a fun piece to do, too (it looks better in person. It got a little blurry with the photo), so yeah, I did get another illo out of it.

Ana: Ha, ha, sweet, sensitive and a little bit obnoxious! I watch the show from time to time. I like the stuff they sneak in for us bigger kids.

Merisi: Well, I hope he's happy with what I've done with him. I think he's more freaked out, though.

Dintoons: hey Dinesh, Glad you liked the arrangement of characters. I wanted everyone to be ok with the diver, well, except for poor little SpongeBob, that is.

Merisi: That it too cool! I can't believe that they would allow such a thing, but it's nice that they did. Now, I will definitely have to make a trip over there one day. Thanks for the link.