Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mr. Solomon's Skull Tattoo

Last year I began writing a story that would eventually be turned into a comic book. Well, actually I plotted the comic out as I drew the first eight or nine pages or so and then realized that I really needed to flesh out the story and the characters a bit more. So, I shelved illustrating the comic until I could write at least a few chapters to get a better feel for the mood of the story. I posted the first six pages over at in my sketchbook thread, so some of you may know a bit about The Hat Maker story.

The main antagonist is named Mr. Solomon and at this point very early in the story his past and reasons for wanting to kill this one seemingly old man are obviously unclear. Cue mysterious music here. Anyways, he wears a hood which partially covers his face, but has this tattoo of a haloed skull on his forehead that seems to glow at times.

Here is a scratchboard drawing of said tattoo.


Merisi said...

Very mysterious and fitting the person you describe.

Bruce said...

Yeah, he's a bastard. I have to begin writing that again!