Saturday, April 7, 2007

Lost Dog

Inspiration comes in the strangest places and at the oddest times.

Last week while watching the film Children Of Men, there was a scene that had a very short glimpse of a refugee wandering the streets and as she passed Clive Owen she was holding a lost dog flier. For some unbeknownst reason, I thought what would my wife put on a "lost dog" flier if I were to chew my leash and escape from the backyard? She had a good laugh at this and so this is what became of that.

And what of the welder's goggles? Well, if she thought that there was a need to put a flier on a telephone pole then I would probably be wearing something that would arouse suspicion.



Ana Banana said...

hahaha, Bruce!

So i would assume this is a self-portrait...and an interesting one at that! Good drawing and good composition!

Cute doggie you are! leg humping?!...hehe.

Bruce said...

Yeah, sort of a self-portrait. lately, I seem to be only able to catch an expression, not a real likeness. i showed this to two people and they both said the same thing.

But, it was a very quick sketch.

Isn't leg humping the spice of life?!! Oh wait, that's variety...

FerdinandKreozot said...

Agree abotu the inspiration.
This one reminds me of some Mike Judge's cartoon work, don't know why.
I like Judge :)

Cheers to you,


Sandra said...

Hi Bruce!! Happy Easter! You are so sweet!! I see you added me to your-links to cool stuff! ; ) Really sweet! Thanks so much! I had also added you to mine...heehee! Cute flier!

I had wanted to shoot some pics of Easter stuff but the weather just was not cooperating! ; ( Hopefully I can find something interesting to snap of shot of soon!

Catch ya later!,


Jacqueline Hudon said...

I like this. Some of the best sketches are fast and simple. You really did do a good job on the face - even if it doesn't look like you.

Bruce said...

Milenko: I would never have thought of Judge, but I'll take it. I like his stuff, too. Did you see Idiocracy?

Sandra: Hope you had a good Easter, too. I had originally added your last name as Edinburg, but then saw that that is where you live. Duh.

I'll look for new pics soon.

Jacqueline: And this one was very fast, too. I think that I captured that aloof expression that I always seem to have, hehe. Thanks.