Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Future Fashion and The Burning Leaf

Here are a few of designs I did for an environmental t-shirt company, but alas, they did not seem to give a hoot because I never heard back from them. Oh well, I think that they are pretty darn cool, so here they are for your viewing pleasure.

okay....none of my images seem to be showing, so I'll have to work on that.


Ana Banana said...

Bruce! These are wonderful! I love the pen and ink ones the best. They have a lino cut feel to them which is very nice. Great stuff! I would buy the t-shirt for sure. And, btw, that is pretty much the standard in the art market...silence in return. I hope you did not send them any originals or high res images. Some companies invite artists to send ideas and then use their ideas for free.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Funny thing is that a gas mask is a logo of the company I work for.
Check for
"Pandemic Studios" in google :)
Also, it's not all dark, once us human vermin die out, the nature will re-invent itself again.
Or it won't.
And either way, it won't matter on the greater scale of things :)
And I am not a pessimist, I love and enjoy life, only with the addition of "while it lasts".
All good things come to an end.
Anyhow, I suck at being smart,
Cheers to your work,



FerdinandKreozot said...

And I forgot to say that I like these a lot.
And as for images not showing, I think it was a google glitch yesterday.
Nothing to do with you.

Alina Chau said...

Very powerful symbolism!!

Sandra said...

Hey Bruce!! I love the last pic!! Wow! As Alina said...Powerful!! I would most certainly buy a Tee as well!! ; )

Smiles and sunshine from Texas!!,


Lucho said...

great work!!

Bruce said...

Ana, Thanks! Yeah, I think that I like the ink ones the best, too. This whole silence thing is very frustrating, so it's nice when someone responds, even when it's a rejection. They didn't get the originals, but they did ask for high res images. I keep checking their website to see if anything pops up and it hasn't. They seem reputable.

Ha, ha, Milenko, you put it so well. "I suck at being smart." You made me laugh my friend and it's probably because I feel the same way about myself!

Thank you Alina, nice to see you came back.

Hi Sandra, and thank you very much. Maybe, I'll have to get some t-shirts made and sell them myself!

Lucho, thank you.

dintoons said...

very intense and powerful!!

and an amazing reminder that art can convey a profound message through just a single image...
truly, a simgle image speaks more than a thousand words...

great work, bruce!! :o)

Bruce said...

Thank you very much, dintoons. Come back anytime.