Monday, April 2, 2007

Artiste Extraordinaire, Part Two

The floodgates are opened and luckily I only have one more niece after this that demands, yes, I say demands that her artwork be put on display on this here blog. This painting is from Dayna Gerlach, my other artistic minded niece and you can see where I get my skills.

Good job, Dayna!


Ana Banana said...

Hello Dayna!

Beautiful image! I love the abstraction in this and the bold colors. I can see you will be a great artist some day if you continue drawing pictures like this. I'm glad you demanded that your Uncle post this. I sure enjoyed seeing your work!

Ana the Banana

dayna said...

I love it! The best picture I'll have to make sure I give you some more of mine pictures. Cause there a masterpiece.

P.S. Thanks Ana the Banana I like your comment.

Ana Banana said...

That's great, Dayna! Cause I can't WAIT to see more! You keep drawing and coloring those beautiful pictures ! If you get your Uncle to post I will keep looking!

tootaloo, little dayna!

Ana the Banana

Bruce said...

Ah jeez, look what I started...

Dayna's hijacked my blog.

Ana Banana said...


kids...gotta love em.

Julien alday said...

Lovely artwork from your niece, Bruce... And Joyeux Anniversaire, mon ami.

Ana Banana said...

I didn't know it was your bd, Bruce -- what day? Happy Birthday! 41 it seems it really begins to sink in how old one is getting, and yet still young enough to hangout with the young'uns!

mine is on 19th...yikes, 42!

Bruce said...

Julien, thanks, my friend. In fact, Dayna and I both thank you!

Why, thank you Ana THE banana. It's today, actually and I only really feel old when I think about the time I have wasted in my crappy job. Other than that, I feel quite young. And I get the feeling, Ana, that you will always be young enough to hang with the young'uns.

Oh, and Dayna was really happy to read your comments.

Thanks again, my friends!

Sandra said...

Hi Bruce!! I found your blog through Alina Chau's blog. I love your giraffee!! I'm not at all good at taking pictures, I just like taking them. Anyway, I adore giraffees and just posted some pics of some recently if you want to check them out just for fun. ; ) I don't sketch but I can appreciate beautiful sketches, animations and paintings. I absolutely adore this painting by Dayna, your neice!! I love the colors!! How old is she? Just curious? I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old and I've seen some amazing things that little ones can do with a little bit of cool coloring tools to use. I would so totally display artwork like this in my children's rooms! Very cool!

Take care!!

Smiles from Texas!!,


Bruce said...

Hi Sandra, nice to meet you. I took the picture of that giraffe at the Detroit Zoo last October. He walked right over to us as he was chewing away and leaned over the fence. It was a good photo op. Animals always stop to look at me for some reason. They recognize one of their own, I guess! I did check out your blog and you take some wonderful pictures and I will leave a comment shortly.

Dayna is 7 too and she will be very happy to read your comments. That kid, I don't know about her.

A few weeks ago, I finished reading a book called Giraffe by J.M. Ledgard. It's based on a true story that happened at a zoo in Czechoslavakia in the early 70's, but is written as fiction to protect the participants. It's very sad and tragic, but thought provoking. You might find it worthwhile to read.

It's funny that giraffe's seem to be working their way back into my thoughts and artwork. When I was a kid, I was called a giraffe because of how tall I am and tried my best to avoid that nickname. And now I'm embracing them and am fascinated with them (as with most animals). I even recently incorporated a giraffe into my business card that I'm trying to make up. Maybe I'll post that soon.

Sandra said...

Hey there, Bruce!! Thanks so much for the lovely respsonse and also for dropping by for a visit and viewing my blog!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the pictures! I will most definitely have to read that book that you mentioned above. ; ) Thanks for sharing!

I thought maybe your neice was around that age. Wow! I love it!

How funny! I, too, was teased about my height in Jr. High. I was taller than all of the boys so they used to call me, "giraffe" and "Two Tall Jones"! : ( I guess that probably is one of the reasons why I can appreciate the giraffes so much. ; )

Thanks again for the response and the visit!

Catch ya later, fellow giraffe-ian!,


Dayna said...

Nice artwork Dayna! Sorry just talking to myself! Keep looking for my artwork! If any of you out there like sunsets paintings I might paint some more sunsets paintings!

p.s. Still thank you all of you for writing your comments.

Sandra said...

Hi Dayna!! You are very welcome! Looking forward to seeing some of your sunset paintings! Maybe you can give my 7 year old little boy some inspiration! I would love for him to paint something like this for me!

Bruce, your neice is absolutely adorable!!

Smiles to ya both from Texas!!,


Bruce said...

Hey Sandra,
Dayna is diggin' this way too much. That kid was impossible to deal with before all this! I posted some art work from my other niece back in January, if you want to check that out.

Sandra said...

Hey Bruce!!! Very cool!! I sure will check it out! Thanks! ; )

Catch ya later!!,