Friday, January 26, 2007

Kaylee Winter, Artiste Extraordinaire

This may be a place where I can showcase my illustrations, but it's also a place to show off others, too. My niece, Kaylee, has her first showing of art work hanging in the Clinton Township Administration Building, Clinton Township, MI. I was very excited to see her collage "Big Green Monster" but was unable to take a better picture because some meeting was about to start and I had to be quick. Way to go Kaylee! And she was the only student selected from her entire second grade class at her school.
Got to love that tongue.


Kim said...

Of course this is beautiful! My daughter did it!
She said thanks Uncle Bruce!

Bruce said...

Kim: My pleasure, as it was great to see in person. Keep up the great art work, Kaylee!

Sandra said...

Hi Bruce!! Wow! So you have more than one talented and adorable neice, huh? Love this artwork!! I think that is absolutely adorable that Uncle Bruce is posting their work! Really sweet of you!! Thanks so much for sharing!! ; )

I can't wait until that day that my son can blow me away with his artwork! Anxiously awaiting it!! ; )

Catch ya later!!,