Friday, February 2, 2007

Night Time Navigator

This is my latest painting and I have to say that I'm quite happy with it. The first image is the value study that was done to work out the kinks and as I recieved some much appreciated help from a few artists over at I made some necessary adjustments and preceded with the paints. This was a joy to do from start to finish, it was fun and challenging at some points.

So, for all of you Night Time Navigators out there, secure those pilot goggles, wear the appropriate head gear and fire up that bed, rocket ship, schooner, dinghy, or whatever and...
just dream baby.

acrylic on illustration board


Mike Dutton said...

Bruce, I had no idea you had an artblog going. What a great surprise, though I'm amazed at the growing number of stealth-bloggers. hehe. As a hello, I wanted to place my first comment under the painting you are most happy with, and rightly so. I really enjoy this piece. The candles on each bedpost is a great touch, and the grown man in his pajamas.... it's like Little Nemo all grown up!

Bethany said...

I really like this painting. Since I am a night time navigator, it is right up my alley!!

Bruce said...

Mike: I had every intention of telling you about my blog, since you were somewhat the inspiration for me to get off my butt and start one, but I felt kind of funny saying 'lookee, lookee!' after awhile. Stupid, because that's what it's about. but, I'm glad that you found it and I really appreciate your comments. And I love the term 'stealth bloggers.'

I think that the picture that I took could be better, because it does look better in person. I posted it on CA in the critique section and got some useful advise. I can only tinker with it so much, though - too commited in some areas.

Little Nemo all grown up was pretty much the inspiration, too! Good catch.

Beth: Glad you enjoyed it, Beth. We have that in common!

David said...

Hey Bruce,
Nice blog you have going and there are times I too feel like a Night time Navigator...