Thursday, January 4, 2007

Dirty Show 8

I just found out today that one of the four pieces that I submitted to the Dirty Show 8 was accepted for the exhibition. Here is the one that they chose. It's done in scratchboard and is 4x6. The actual name of the show is The 8th Annual International Erotic Art Exhibition and will be held at Bert's Warehouse Theater in the historic Eastern Market section of Detroit on February 9, 10, 11 and 14, 2007. Judging from the pictures that I have seen from previous shows, this could be an interesting opening. The art work ranges from hardcore (eek!) to the most subtle, which is where I fit in. I was actually kind of surprised that they accepted one of my pieces because I have never entered a show like this before. Like I said, should be interesting.

With titles such as "Smut Bowl" and "Dirty Show" you might think I'll get a bad reputation...Yeah, yeah, how could it get any worse, right? Now who to invite....Mom, Dad?


Anonymous said...

Well, Bruce, with all of this "smut", you just confirmed that you're part of this family! Good Luck to you--I like the piece!


Dad said...

Well, Bruce I guess you take after your brother and your old man as being "SMUTMASTERS".Your Step Mom loves you anyway.Keep up the good work.


Bruce said...

Well, lookee here, some of the fam dammily showed up and I just have to say, that "smut" (although that's really just the witty name for our often muddy football games) and "family" just do not go together!

Janeen: I'm still the black sheep, though! Thanks.

Dad: lol, oh yeah, sure I am (insert sarcasm look here), but at least I'm not the creepy son, ha, ha. thanks for the comments...I think.

tina said...

Well,I got all my ladies rounded up and they are all excited to come to the Dirty Show and check out your "stuff", wink wink

Unkle Chuck said...

LOL...I guess this is where all the family hangs out and chats. Maybe an open forum is called for.

Bruce, I have always liked your scratchboard work and this one is no exception. Maybe it is the subject, huh? Regardless I do enjoy it.

Bruce said...

Tina: ha, ha, ha. well, it was a good night and I'm glad that they all showed up and had fun.

Uncle Chuck: Thanks a bunch and I'm sure that I'll be reading your thoughts more than others.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce,

Had a great time at the show on Friday! Saw things that I never thought I ever see. A learning experience, that is for sure. :)
Thanks for the invite.
Your art work is great!
Looking forward to seeing more of it.
Take Care,
Connie and Paulla