Wednesday, December 2, 2015


And there's this guy. Unfortunately, I have to live across the street from him. He is one of those ex-convict, anti-government (so, he can commit more crimes), anti-nature (offended by it, actually), racist ( he usually has a confederate flag flying in between his red bow Christmas decorations), redneck(shoot everything and everybody) type of loser. His mugshot is entertaining. He usually acts up when I'm not around, but my wife has no tolerance for this guy and gives him shit when he deserves it. So, a few weeks ago he is blowing the leaves on his lawn across the street to our side because we have a big tree with lots of leaves. When my wife confronts him, he says 'they aren't his leaves.' Awesome. And being the type that he is, intelligence is a strong skill with him. The leaves on his lawn probably weren't ours to begin with, because the wind usually blows from west to east, not north to south.

When I see him next )of course, he is never around when I'm home), I'll be sure to tell him that the cigarette butts that he flicks on my lawn aren't mine when I flick them back.

If you are wondering what that is behind his head, that's a rat's nest he calls hair. Or what's left of it.

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