Monday, December 7, 2015

How We Built A Weathervane, Part One

The Belle Isle Aquarium weathervane is finished and it is up, so I've decided to do a series of posts showing how it was all put together.

It all started with a design. This was the image that I sent my proposal with for the design competition that was held by the belle Isle Conservancy and the Butzel Long law firm, which has a long time relationship with the aquarium.

After working out some details with Venus Bronze Works, the company selected to manufacture the weathervane, I glued together some foam blocks to the overall size of the gar. This step would be to find the basic shape before all the detail would be put in.

The carving of the foam was done in my backyard in October of 2014. I laid an enlarged copy of the gar over the foam as my guideline.

Using hot wire sculpting tools, the basic shape began to emerge.

Refining some basic shape, such as the tail and adding the nose.

This is the basic shape of the gar portion of the weathervane. The fins would be added next.

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