Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Most of these Visigoths are behind the wheel sadly enough, as was this winner. They never seem to understand that driving is a privilege and not a right. So, this enlightened soul didn't affect me directly other than I wasn't going fast enough for him so he rode my tail for a few seconds. I was even going over the speed limit, too. So, he speeds around me and does his performance for other drivers letting all of them know that he is on the road and that you should either get out of his way or admire his cheesy clown car. Of course with individuals such as this guy, they never seem to know exactly where that are going just as long as they can scitter across the road like a drunken insect with no purpose. And for his finale, as he is behind me and in the far left lane he decides it's wise to cut straight across traffic in the next two lanes to get gas at a BP station. Of course it's a BP station. Where else would a douchebag get his gas from?

And what is it about these Visigoths that they all resemble one another, despite race, age, sex, etc. They all seem to share similar features, i.e. sagging half open eyes, high sloping forehead, protruding lower jaw and a heavy and thick brow. Oh, and a cell phone.

Beware the Visigoths, they are everywhere.

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