Friday, February 17, 2012


I will have three pieces in the Homage show that starts tonight at the River's Edge Gallery in Wyandotte, MI. The Homage show will be about just that, homage to the artist's that have influenced their art in some way. The above illustration will be a bit different from a lot of what will be seen, but since cartooning is a big part of what I do, I just had to do something that showed that. I used my character Muck Man to demonstrate just what goes into his world, as well as pretty much anything that I do. So, the influences from this piece are Salvador Dali, Barry Windsor-Smith, Auguste Rodin, Berke Breathed, Vaughn Bode and Thomas Hart Benton. An odd collection of inspirations, but they are there nonetheless.

My other two pieces pay tribute to Kurt Vonnegut and Henri Charierre, J.D. Salinger, Cervantes and Ray Bradbury.

The River's Edge Gallery is located at 3024 Biddle, Wyandotte, MI and the show runs through March.

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