Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Michigan To Texas Birthday Wish

Today is the birthday of my internet pal, Sandra, and on this day she likes to collect photos from all her internet peeps across the globe. So, I thought that I would pass along a bit of Detroit for her enjoyment. This is the entrance to the historic Belle Isle Aquarium located on Belle Isle on the Detroit River. The aquarium was shut down a few years ago by the cultural deficient "leaders" of Detroit, but great efforts are being made to reopen the nation's oldest aquarium. It's a beautiful building.

Happy Birthday, Sandra!

6 comments: said...

Just dropped by to see who else is celebrating a birthday today! Happy Birthday Sandra! If you haven't guessed, it's my birthday too. -

Sandra said...

Brucie!! You are so ROCKIN' COOL!! I LOVE my birthday pic!! What a wonderful place to be able to visit someday!! Detroit, Michigan has some beautiful places to visit, I see! You just so made my day!! I'll post a link to see this post ASAP! Smiles and Texas-sized HUGS to ya from Texas to Michigan!!

Also, Hey, Matt! Cool of you to share a birthday with me! Awesome!! I love your post on your blog! Happy Birthday, Matt!--Countrygirl

Bruce said...

Hey Sandra! Glad you liked the pic! Detroit really does have some cool things to see, but there are certain powers that be that are trying their best to get rid of them. If it doesn't have steel and glass, they want it gone, no matter the historical significance. Don't get me started, hehe.

I hope that you had a great day and have a great New Year's, too!

Sandra said...

Hey Bruce! Hang in there and keep fighting for what is right!

I had a wonderful day!

Happiest of New Year's to ya, Bruce!!

You are way COOL!--Countrygirl

Bruce said...

Thanks, Sandra! The Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium are doing their best to open it again and i love helping out when and where I can!

Sandra said...

Hey Brucie!! I year later and I'm still appreciating this beautiful Birthday Wish pic and post!! Love & Hugs!! Thanks for being so ROCKIN' COOL!! : )

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!