Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008/09 Upper Deck NHL Legends Masterpiece

Here are a smattering of the 50 cards that I did for the Upper Deck NHL Legends Masterpiece set earlier this past summer. I had to wait until the set was released before I could show these and since that happened in September and one of my cards has already shown up on ebay (last time I checked the bid was at $112 for the Esposito card in the second row), I can safely show them. I had to do 10 of Gordie Howe and 10 of Wayne Gretzky and the other 30 were of my choosing from the list of Hockey legends that was made available to us arteests.

I did these right at the time of the Stanley Cup and refused to do any Mario Lemieux cards until after the Wings beat the Penguins. Didn't want to jinx 'em. But, I did do two of Mario (not shown here) afterwards.


DAD said...

I think that I very well did not understand for what are of use these vignettes.
It is sold for collectors?

DAD said...

They are slipped into chocolate bars " Willy Wonka "?;)

sleepydog said...

These are awesome.

Bruce said...

Dad: Ha, ha, yes! They are in Wonka Bars! Well that's the idea anyways. They are inserted into packs of cards and they are primarily for the collectors.

Ha, ha, oui ! Ils sont dans des barres de Wonka ! That' bon ; s l'idée de toute façon. Ils sont insérés dans des paquets de cartes et ils sont principalement pour les collecteurs.

Sleepydog: Thanks Chris, I knew that you would get a kick out of these.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a connect on finding some of these awesome NHL Masterpiece sketch cards? Love to add some to my collection

Bruce said...

At this point, your best bet would be to check in on eBay or any sports cards forums. Good luck!