Monday, July 7, 2008

Icarus 1917

Ever since discovering Greek mythology as a kid the story of Icarus has always held a firm grip on me. The cynics out there will tell you that is because I would never listen to their wisdom and in not doing so fell to the obvious doom that always awaits those who fly too close to the sun. It goes much deeper than that and there is so much that even I don't understand about my fascination with the wax winged one. It's a cautionary tale and that's what has always been the important aspect. Maybe I'll "get" it just before they pluck my feathers from the sea, but I doubt it. 

I'm not sure why I chose a German WWI type Icarus. It was just one of those images that got stuck in me noggin awhile back and I went with it. Plus, I like the iron cross.

Icarus 1917
acrylic on illustration board


Merisi said...

Well, he still got his wings,
but were's the enthusiasm? Guess he's on his way down! ;-)

Bruce said...

Yes, but for how long? I think perhaps he may know what fate has in store for him!