Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Homer Davenport Days 2008

In Silverton, Oregon they have an annual celebration in honor of the political cartoonist Homer Davenport. Besides the cartoon contest and exhibition they also have a slew of activities that you can check out here. This here is my inclusion in this year's contest. I remember some time ago, old "Dubbya" was bragging about being a war president (such an honor!), but he was really a downright peace loving kind of guy. I couldn't help but think about how many lives have been lost (by his actions) during his eight year peace reign.
Serenity now.


Anabananacita said...

Peace loving ass!

Great cartoon! I love it.

and helloooooo, Bruce!

Bruce said...

Hi Ana!
He's a piece of something, that's for sure.

Merisi said...

(So funny, my comment regarding the more recent post was referring to just this gentleman.)

Bruce said...

Is he a juggernaut? Sort of a dumb one, I guess.