Friday, January 11, 2008

Lord Of The Rings Sketchcards, Part Four

So far I've just been picking through my favorites of the 550 cards that have been approved to show, but I may just show them in the blocks that I originally scanned them. We'll see. 

And some good news to report. From this set I've been commissioned to do two cards for a collector and I have also been working on a logo for a local company. I'll show more if and when I can.


DAD said...

No, Bruce, you are not a stupid Yankee ! ^^
I like that well down, to the left.... The king..... I don't know his name anymore....
Tehoden? (for the French version....)
The expression of look is very good.....

Anonymous said...

wow great work.A logo for a local company?Mmmmmm would that be a certain mattress company? Hee hee.

sleepydog said...

Glad to hear that you're pursuing your dreams and doing something you love. I wish I had that kind of courage. I hope the work keeps coming in for ya more and more every day!

Hopefully one day I'll be commissioning you to do CD covers and poster art for me. I guess I'd have to start playing music out in the world again before then though, eh? ;)

Keep up the good work (My fave LOR card(s) is the Aragorn Portrait where each half of his face is on a seprate card, awesome work)

Bruce said...

Dad: ha, ha, juste plaisantant environ quand vous m'avez appelé qui plus tôt. Oui, c'est Theoden et alors cela j'ai fait celui-ci qu'il était l'un de mes favoris. Est toujours, réellement.

Terri/Darin: Now, you know that they would ask you first! Just think, you could continue the trend from when you painted the sign in front of the building.

Chris: Thanks Chris, it's a slow trickle right now, but I'm happy.

Doing the artwork for your CD would be awesome! And it better be quick. Your music deserves to be out there (annoying old folk everywhere!). I'm impressed with most of what I have heard from you. I can remember you picking away at the guitar in your living room many moons ago!