Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Experts #3 and a few commissioned pieces

There's this wacky French guy who keeps coming here and telling me all sorts of crazy stuff, like how terrible of an artist I am and how I could be less of a terrible artist, so I warned him that he would be up for portrayal as one of "The Experts," and he dared me, so I did it. This is Dad  and he always has something to say about something, and yes, he packs a luger.

Dad is a very good artist when he is not "experting," and has a great sense of humor, so I would recommend visiting his blog when you get the chance. Just tell him "that Yankee" sent you.

And here are a few sketch cards that I did for a collector (and he said to say that he was very happy with them) in Wisconsin after he saw some of what I did for the Topps Lord Of The Rings set. They each measure 2.5x3.5 with the top two done in pencil and the bottom one in ink.


DAD said...

Haha! LOL! Extraordinary! Great! I am a big expert now ! Even to the Yankee!!!! Bravo Bruce!
I allow me to download it and to print it to put on the wall of my studio. You want?

sleepydog said...

Nice work. Maybe sometime my opinionated ass will qualify as an "expert"in something. I certainly act like I know everything sometimes ;)

DAD said...

"I certainly act like I know everything sometimes "


Bruce said...

Dad: Ha, ha, je suis heureux que vous l'ayez aimé ! J'enverrai le schéma à vous autrefois cette semain

Chris: lol! Yeah, I guess you could definitely qualify as an "expert!" I think that I may be in that same category right alongside you at times.

And look.. even Dad agrees! We're all assholes at times, ha, ha.