Sunday, August 12, 2007

The San Diego Comic Con, Days Four and Five...and finally some artwork

The USS Midway

San Diego

colored pencil on tinted paper

Ok, time to put this one to rest and move on to other exciting and otherwise fantabulous adventures. Days four and five were pretty much uneventful as far as the Comic Con was concerned. Darin and I made one last venture through the convention center to see if we missed anything good (of course, I'm sure we did!) and to make any last day purchases.

During the afternoon I met with my new friend Cheri and we went for a tour of the aircraft carrier USS Midway which was docked right across from my hotel. There were a bunch of cool aircraft on display on the flight deck, so it was cool to spend the afternoon wandering in and among them. This was it as far as sight seeing and being touristy. And actually, that whole bit about Cheri and Mary and the Beast took place later on Saturday and not on Friday as I previously stated. The days were a blur, I tell ya.

And so our last night in wonderful San Diego was spent meandering around town mostly by the bay. Much later that night, I was able to meet up with Mike Dutton and some of his illustrator friends. I was happy to have met him, but we didn't get to talk all that much. To be honest, it was a bit awkward, as I was the outsider. It could have been smoother, but it's not like "smooth" is my middle name, or anything like that. And, Charles Vess was sitting not three feet from me. It would have been great to have talked a bit with him, but he was in conversation with another coolish illustrator, Donato Giancola, and it would have been very awkward to barge in acting all fanboy. It would have been ugly.

Sunday was spent dealing with our cancelled Northwest flight. Those people are such bums. But, it all worked out for the best, as they put us on a flight to Denver on Frontier Airlines, which was a very relaxing flight. The crew going to Denver were hilarious, cracking jokes over the intercom putting everyone in a good mood. An hour's wait in Denver and we were back in the air heading to Detroit and finally home.

My experience in San Diego was a learning one and a blast to boot and I have to thank Matt Busch for inviting us along. It was a fun ride and it's only the beginning.

And finally, some artwork. This here Hellboy I did was actually done about two months ago and I have some more goodies to show from the same time period. Soon.


Dug said...

I still you and Darin should have found a motorcycle with a side car and rode out like that. What a road trip that could have been!

Bruce said...

Now that would have been stylin'! And most appropriate.

Merisi said...

I like the photo with the USS Midway, great angle. Could be mistaken for a space ship. ;-)