Sunday, August 5, 2007

The San Diego Comic Con, Day Two

San Diego from the second floor of the covention center

The portfolio review area

Darin at the Mattel booth

I don't want to say that Thursday was a let down, because it wasn't, but it was probably the day where things became a reality as far as showing our work and all that comes with that. It was hard not to have expectations, but I did a fairly good job at expecting the worst. Matt and Tracy had to get up earlier than the rest of us as they had to set up Matt's booth for the day, so we got a later start. In the morning, Alex, Darin and I made our way to the second floor portfolio review area where we spent the most part of the day waiting and waiting and waiting. I climbed those stairs (kind of shown in the first pic) more times than I wished. Whew. But anyways, I signed up with three companies, but ony sat with two, because Wizards Of The Coast was very thorough with each of the artists and we missed our chance on that day. I thought that my reviews went good enough, they seemed to like my artwork (even the Cockroach Of Impending Doom) and all asked for my card and a print or two. This may have been common practice for all the artists, but they didn't have to, so I took that as a good thing.

When we finally made it down to the exhibition area, Darin and I stumbled upon the Mattel booth and they were in the process of having portfolio reviews right there, so we waited for our turn. I think that it went well, there were three guys and they all seemed super nice and they liked my stuff, but it may have been too realistic and not cartoony and stylized for their needs. It was a worthwhile experience nonetheless.

So, we then spent the rest of the day walking around the illustrators area looking for goodies to buy. It was a strange first full day full of everything new and we mostly relaxed for the rest of the evening. Matt and Tracy were invited to the advanced screening of Clive Owens new film Shoot "Em Up and as we aren't yet "in the know" we couldn't go. Next time.


Dug said...

Did you remember to loudly proclaim that you where wearing your 'Batman™' underwear? I told you, that would be the fastest way into impressing these comic book types. Let 'em know just how hard core you are right out front, then sit back and wait for the job offers to come pouring in.

Bruce said...

Oh man, I was so wearing my Batman underoos, but they asked me to leave, saying that it was "inappropiate behavior" or some such nonsense. Plus, I was asking all the ladies if they wanted to see my utility belt.

Slave princess Leias that was ok, but me in my BatUndies obviously a big no-no. I'll never understand these people....