Friday, June 1, 2007

Vonnegut and other things

Here is the finished painting of Kurt Vonnegut. I actually finished this pretty fast and it's been done for a few weeks now, but as usual, all that pain in the ass stuff like photographing it and resizing , blah, blah, blah...
When I do a portrait and spend some time with it, the face doesn't seem recognizable to me after awhile and I still don't really see Vonnegut, but abstract shapes and lines, so I hope that someone can. I've been told that I've captured his likeness, so...

So it goes.

acrylic on illustration board

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Motor City Comicon and got to meet another one of my favorite comic book/illustrators, Michael Golden. Back in the late 70's, for me, this guy did to comics what Star Wars did for movies. He illustrated the first 10 or 12 issues of Micronauts and I have many a fond memory sitting on the front porch in the summertime with a bottle of coke and being whisked away to the micro universe.

Sometimes, when meeting someone who is admired, they turn out to be less than hoped for, but Mr. Golden didn't disappoint me at all. He's a very nice guy with a good sense of humor and it was nice to talk with him. And I spent a little time talking with his manager, as well, and she was great, too.

And he was nice enough to have a pic taken with me.

This week that I attended the show was a good one for me and some good things may come from it, but I'm not saying yet what they are because they haven't materialized yet. So, when I do know more, so shall you.


Ana Banana said...

Bruce! I see you! FINALLY! And you are such a handsome man! Warmth is radiating out from your smile and face! This pictures completes the image I have of you -- a very kind and gentle man. And you are very tall!

you know I had to take a break from my masterpiece to come take a peek at your masterpiece. And what a masterpiece it is! You keep on surprising me. This one is the best yet, in my opinion. It's superb in all ways. The color, the painting, the expression, the graphic quality in the background! I love it! Keep doing this kind of stuff -- it's awesome! really.



Ana Banana said...

You should definitely use this image for self-promotion, Bruce.

It's a real eye-catcher!

Bruce said...

ha, ha, you are way too kind Mizz Banana and yes, I am tall and he was very short! I always feel that I take a horrible picture, eeek!

maybe, my next post I will put up what I had in mind for my first of three postcards for self-promotion.

Thanks Ana!

Sandra said...

Absolutely awesome, Brucie...heeee!! I just read your comment on my blog. ; ) Congrats to ya!!! Wow, you posted a pic of yourself, very cool!! Hey, were you singing to yourself, "I'm too sexy for my shorts...heehee!! What a hottie!! Love the height!! Very nice pic!! I'm so excited for you that you got to meet someone that you idolize!

BTW, you can call me Sandi if you get me back for calling you Brucie...heehee!!

Take care always!!,


Jacqueline Hudon said...

I agree, this is your best one yet. Great job. It looks just like him.

Mike Dutton said...

You know, Bruce, I was thinking of revisiting my favorite writers portraits and adding a few quotes in the background as well. But the way you've done it here is so strikingly elegant. The type does not compete with the portrait; my eyes immediately are drawn to your very sensitive treatment of Mr. Vonnegut. Very, very well done.

And also, it's good to be able to associate you with a much more cheerful image (I've always referred to your somber self portraits, which are great, but dammit, artists should look happy sometimes too). What a great experience of meeting one of your heroes as well. :)

dintoons said...

bruce, great to see you with one of your childhood idols!
these meetings are something really special... and it's my feeling that when you've been deeply inspired by a creative master/artist, invariably the universe unfolds in such a way that both the admirer and the admired are somehow brought together in a mysterious way... to the mutual joy and delight of both (especially of the devotee!)... it's like, 'when the student is ready, the master comes' thing...

(which reminds me, when am I destined to meet sergio aragones, my madly beloved drawing guru and idol and toon master???!! :o(

hey great pic... which finally explains the mystery of the giraffe! :o)
take care,

Bruce said...

Sandra: In fact, I was humming "I'm too sexy for my shorts," but they made me put them back on for the picture. Talk to you soon, Sandiiiiiiii.

Jacqueline: Thanks so much, Jackie (I can call you that can't I?), he was one of the best.

Mike: thanks Mike, i for one would like to see your treatment in this way of some of your favorite authors. Ayn Rand's words could be very interesting in the portrait that you did of her awhile back.

ha, ha, I DO smile at times and can actually be fun too, sometimes. I didn't really realize at the time just how much sadness that I was channeling when I did those self-portraits. I don't even like looking at them anymore. Bah! So, if you go to San Diego this summer you'll have an idea of what I look like and maybe we could hang out some.

Dintoons: you are so right about the universe unfolding and setting things in motion. I used to be so skeptical about things like this, but lately, as I have been changing the way that I think, things have been happening that have been making a believer in the universe and just how it works. Things are happening, my friend.

Sergio Aragones was there, too, but I didn't talk to him.

dintoons said...

sergio was there???

GASP!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! :O

bruce my friend, please do convey the regards of a die-hard fan n devotee the next time you bump into him, thanx a million!!

Bruce said...

ha, ha, yes, he was there and he seemed liked a very happy guy, happy with what he does. That was the impression that I took, anyways.

Maybe, I'll pass on your well wishes in San Diego next month...

phyllis said...

May you always see the beauty of the world around you.

Bruce said...

Is this the Phyllis that I know? That doesn't sound anything like you would say if it is, ha, ha!