Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Treehouse 6x6

I have just been informed that I have another show this summer. All three of my treehouse paintings that I had shown in a past posting have been accepted into the Treehouse 6x6 juried show which will be held on Martha's Vineyard in West Tisbury, Massachusetts from August 5th through the 31st. As the title states, all of the works of art will measure 6x6 inches. And since I have already posted the finished product back in May, I thought that I would show the process that led me there. The top images are the initial sketches that I did and you can see that I omitted one of them. then, I did colored pencil versions to work out some of the kinks, although I didn't do one for The Arboreal Temple, which was a bit weak, I thought. But hey, they liked it anyways.

The gallery is called Treehouse Studios and the reason for this is because there is a very old oak tree right next to the building and is somewhat of a landmark. I thought that that was kind of cool. For the show they are printing up a booklet of all the artwork in the show and will be selling them at the show and the profits will benefit local affordable housing funds.


dintoons said...

these treehouses ARE sweet! very charming and very livable...
i remember reading a story by roald dahl, forgot the title, but it had characters called the minpins who were little people living in trees... and your cozy houses and lamplit windows somehow reminded me of them...

love the color pencil work, bruce!

Bruce said...

Hey Dinesh,

I think I remember thos wee folk living in trees. Usually, I wish that I was small enough to live in a tree. Incidently, I bear the last name of a Dutch saint who lived in a huge hollowed out oak tree--St. Gerlach.

Ana Banana said...

Congratulations, Bruce! That's great! And for a good cause, too! How do you find out about these shows and such?

good sketches, by the way.

Bruce said...

Why hello, miss banana (is that little witch you?).
With the exception of the Detroit shows and the cartoon exhibitions, I find them at

this one is cool in that I have family that live in Massachusetts, so hopefully some of them can get over to the island to see my paintings.

So, are you thinking about breaking out the oils and entering some shows? that would be schwell...

Now if only I can sell something...

Ana Banana said...

yes, that's me...many moons ago. The face has changed, but not the mentality.

I think you snuck a few color sketches in here? I think...unless I have lost a few marbles.

I will have to check-out

I don't know about breaking out the oils...I have become so lazy. But maybe I will enter a show or two. Digital seems to be more accepted these days as a real art form!

And, yes, to sell something...that is the dilemma.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Long time no visit here.
Reasons many.
You got some awesome stuff around since my last visit.

Like the treehouses. They look just like the treehouses should.

Kurt looks very cool too.
And the rest.
Michael and his work looks cool too.

Cheers to you,


Anonymous said...


(big thanks for being the first commenter on my blog! ThankS!!!!)

such good work in here... the portrait of vonnegut is looking really awesome! You've improved so much over the past years! keep up the great work and don't lose any of the involvement with shows and charity events... so important that you keep your work out there. :)

1.) BWS—> also, one of my best loved artists... love his style.

2.) Rice on the Other—> I know a while back you were expirementing with comic mediums... I'm self-publishing a comic-zine and would love to include some of your work. can provide more details as necessary, but would def. hook you up with one of the extremely limited print editions (only 100 made, hand numbered) for your trouble. Fall rice deadline = sept. 1. plenty o time. first issue plus rice preparation guidelines at rotohome:
cheers bruce, thanks again for dropping by, totally made my week :)


Bruce said...

Ana: hehe, if I were to show you a picture of me as a kid, it would be the same--mentally unchanged, ha,ha. Those color sketches were in there from the start, so start looking for those marbles! Maybe that little kid witch has them. And you should get your digital stuff out there!

Milenko: Hey, I appreciate your visits whenever I get them. Stay busy, that means more for us to look at.

Joel: Guggs! Thanks for stopping by. I'm slowly seing that a lot of CAer's have started there own blogs.

I checked out your zine thing and I would be honored to do something for it. Two pages max, right? I have ideas formin' in me brain already. Hope to talk/type to ya soon about it.

dintoons said...

hmmm, st gerlach... niiice! :o)
that explains the noble, good-hearted, saintly streak in you...

wonder where the cartoony brain comes from, though...

Alina Chau said...

Nice soft rendering style!

Bruce said...

Dintoons: ha, ha, although the story behind St. Gerlach is an interesting one, I hardly share his saintly qualities. He was a mercenary after all...

The cartoony brain come from watching too many Loony Tunes. Blame warner Bros.

Alina: Hey, thanks!

Merisi said...

These tree houses look a lot nicer than the ones we built (unfortunately we usally got caught by one of the parents before we could put up more than a few wooden boards and plastic sheeting from old smelly fertilizer bags).
I bet the one with the laundry hanging out to air is supposed to be somewhere in Italy. ;-)
Martha's Vineyard? I lived so many years on the East Coast, yet never managed to get north of NY city. Wouldn't you want to see your own pictures, if for no other reason for the location of the exhibition?

Bruce said...

Italy sounds like a good place for that tree to be. My wife and i got married there, so maybe I was channeling the Tuscan countryside when I painted that.

I spent a lot of time in the Boston area when i was a kid. My grandparents are from there, so we would make summer trips there to see cousins and whatnot, but I have never been to Martha's Vineyard. Nantucket, yes, the other island, no. But I may be going to see the show. My dad is going out and I may hitch along.