Friday, December 30, 2022

A Michigan to Texas Birthday Wish 2022


Here is this year's birthday pic to my friend Sandra down in Texas. This tradition started some years ago and I kinda like doing it, so Happy Birthday, Sandra!

This pic is from last summer and is one of our dogs, Elroy. A happy pup makes for a happy pic.


Anonymous said...


YOU aRe the absolute—BEST!

I—ADORE thiS tRaDition that you started and I am soOo—HaPpY—that you like doing it!

It suRe makes my—BiRTHDaY and DaY, every year!!!

What a CUTie of a—PUP!!!

LUCKY&—YoU aRe soOo right!

MeRRY CHRiSTMaS&—wishing YoU&YouRs a very—HaPpY&—PRospeRouSNeW YeaR!

LoVe to YoU&—YouRs!

LoVe Ya—BuDdy!


Bruce said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, as well!

p.s. I don't think that I was the one who started it, but whoever that was did a good thing!

Anonymous said...

TYSM—BRUCie! YeS—it began with my BLoGgiNg BuDdies, several years back!

I—LOVE it!!!

TYSM—for keeping with this loving, special and wonderful tradition!


Bruce said...

You're so welcome! I hope that you had a good day!

Anonymous said...

YaY!!! TYSM! YeS! I sure did! I had a GREAT day spent with my “BaBieS”——JaMeS&—JaiDYnNe! —♥️πŸ’•☺️πŸ‘πŸ»

Bruce said...

That's great!