Friday, August 13, 2021

A Is For Ackbar...

A is for Ackbar who knew that
 they could not repel fire of that magnitude.

So, a few years ago, I wrote and illustrated an A-Z Star Wars book done in an Edward Gorey way, including keeping it back and white. In my search for publication, in which I knew would be next to impossible, even with some of the connections that I have, there were quite a few moments where I thought I'd find success. Alas, that has not worked out. Yet. I withheld showing a lot of these drawings believing that it might not be wise to do so. I have changed my view on that, or had it changed for me, as the case turned out. So, from time to time I'll be showing some of these drawing, even if they never see print. I even had a few copies printed up just to see how it would look in book form and have something to give to publishers for the very same reason.

The book is called Yoda is Small and Other Such Utterances. 


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