Monday, December 2, 2019

Belle Isle Aquarium 'Tankscaper' Pin

The Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit has a pretty good tankscaping team and who I'd like to think of as the chief (chef) member of that team asked me to help out with a pin design that he could give to each of the members as a way of showing his appreciation. If you ever get the chance, head on down to Belle Isle and see the work that they have done!

I had come up with a few designs, but this one with the coelacanth kept rising to the surface. The aquarium is the oldest one in the US, so why not an old fish to go along for the ride? The top part is keeping with the glass tile of the interior ceiling and the bottom is similar to the bottom walls and dividing wall. The jigsaw puzzle shape is a nod to the team's ability to put together the different pieces that go into making the scenery of each tank display. 

The pins were given to each team member yesterday at a party and hopefully, they were well received.

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