Tuesday, December 4, 2018


I swear this guy had hair on his knuckles. Why do they all look the same? Does their inner moron seep out into a physical manifestation? I don't know, but anyways, this clueless simpleton was a split second away from his skeletal structure being seriously compromised by the front end of my jeep. He literally stepped out in front of me without even thinking of looking. I couldn't even break, that's how close I was. All I could do was swerve away, hoping that no other vehicle was coming in that direction. And his response, you ask? He stood in the street, again, without looking for cars and puffed out his arms with an angry 'didn't YOU see ME' type of expression. He did have his phone in hand, but hadn't yet put it to ear (which I'm assuming was as hairy as his knuckles), so he wasn't distracted by that. He just wasn't going to look at all. 

Future. Organ. Donor.

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